The Artist

Influenced by her British and African roots, award-winning artist Shazia Osman takes inspiration from the heritage fine Islamic Arts and it's modern contemporary expression.
Her work encapsulates themes of spirituality, depth and emotion. She uses her skills as a calligrapher to study and reimagine sacred manuscripts. Her specialism is in the Maghrebi Andalusi script of Morocco, in tangent with Maghrebi illumination art.

Her passion lies in bringing peace to the viewer and a deeper sense of connection with the Divine. It is this ethos which led her to branch out into curation and project management.
Engaging communities is a big part of her practice. In addition to painting her own original works, she facilitates creative mindfulness workshops for members of her community. As a certified Art therapy practitioner, the bringing together of art and spirituality, offers a different dimension to inner healing.

Her first project In Praise was received with much admiration and ignited an awareness for Islamic art in Leicester. She is now working on her second project, Illuminate and hopes to exhibit the works toward the end of this year.