The Artist

Salaam, I'm Shazia, and I paint under my middle name "Rashida"
"I believe in the power of healing within Art, and finding peace in its beauty"

You could call me the proverbial "Artist in the Attic" - my Art studio aka home attic, is the place where I create works huge and tiny, bold and intricate. As an Inter-disciplinary Artist I refuse to confine my creativity, and will create a wide variety of work.
I like to create in collections. My inspiration comes from many things surrounding me, sometimes it will be my faith, and other times it can be challenges faced whilst raising my Autistic son


I Am often pulled toward mixed media, particularly the use of natural objects within my work. I love to use wood, sand, shells, branches from trees and other elements within my paintings. I feel that they each have their story to tell, the happiness and sorrow also witnessed by them is symbolist to me of our own lives. 

 I also find joy in teaching Art, by facilitating Art therapy workshops within the community. I currently offer a limited amount of in-person courses, where you can be sure to make friends, and be relaxed, whilst also creating a beautiful piece to call your own. Alternatively 1-1 online zoom sessions are also an option if you’d like to learn from me, yet aren’t local.



Rashida grew up in a small African country called Malawi where she spent most of her childhood exploring arts and crafts. After moving to the UK in 2010, she had little opportunity to pursue her passion as she was busy raising her family and caring for her son with special needs. It is only after the loss of her sister in 2016 that she was inspired to pick up her paintbrush again. Her earliest work was a coping mechanism for her grief.

After finding healing through art, she decided to continue and make it her full time career. With encouragement from her family and friends, she went on to open her ETSY shop in 2018, and hasn’t looked back since.

Her first official collection launched in 2018.  Each of the works she painted, were inspired by stories from the Holy Qur’aan, and teachings from the Hadith (sayings) of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).  Her work, True Value, was chosen to be exhibited at LCB Depot.  This gave her the validation and courage she needed to pursue Art as a career.


She absorbed herself so deeply into Art, as she devoured any resources she could get her hands on.  Due to the barriers she faced being a full time carer, she was unable to enrol into an Art and Design Degree, as she wished.  Instead she took advantage of the wide range of online courses and enrolled onto the Creative Calligrapher Program by Canadian Calligrapher Omar Uddin.

She also travelled daily to London in the summer of 2018 to learn from reknowned teachers at Art of Islamic Pattern.  She took various courses, learning how to build a website from scratch, and how to market her work.  At this point, she began facilitating Art for Wellbeing workshops within the Leicester community.  She also donated an original work to raise funds for Muslim Aid, a charity close to her heart.

In 2020, she embarked upon an enlightening journey, whilst creating her famous Huroof Series collection, using traditional techniques of gilding and painting using natural pigments.  Borne from this collection was a set of Limited Edition colouring books, which she designed and self-published from scratch. 

Once again, this collection was inspired by an overwhelming need to understand the spiritual meanings behind the Arabic Letters.  She created her Elements collection which was inspired by Islamic Geometric patterns, and incorporated the use of wood slices and found objects. This year also saw a nomination and being selected as a Finalist in the Arts and culture Awareness category for British Muslim Awards 2020.

 Her piece, Origin was chosen to feature in the Love Art Exhibition in Leicester.

 During the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, she further invested in herself, and took an in-depth course in Surface Pattern Design with well-known fabric designer Bonnie Christine.  Exploring ways of diversifying her artwork, she began working on a portfolio of Surface Design Patterns, and she hopes to one day enter the world of licensing. 

She has completed commissions for private collectors both locally and internationally. So far Rashida’s work has reached over 12 different countries. Other than the UK, she has sent prints and originals to USA, Germany, France, Australia, Austria, and Oman.

 In 2021, she released another collection, many of which sold to International collectors.  2 paintings from this collection, Inhale and Exhale, were chosen to exhibit at Belvoir Art Gallery.  This alliance led to her being presented with an opportunity which she just couldn’t turn down - to curate an exhibition featuring the works of Muslim Women Artists. This was her first opportunity to curate and produce a show and she loved every moment!  She is very excited to see what the future brings, as she progresses in her Art career.

 You can find her works, and get in touch with her through

 Recent Exhibitions:

"True Value, 2018", at LCB Design Craft Exhibition

May 2-May 16 2019

"Origin, 2020" and "Exhale, 2020", Love Art Exhibition

‘Inhale” and “Exhale” , Belvoir Art Gallery, Leicester

June-July 2021

“A Mothers heart”, “Morning Brightness”, “Ummul Quran”, “Origin”, “Alif Laam Meem”

In Praise Exhibition, March 2022