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The Artist

     Shazia Osman paints under her middle name "Rashida". She is a Contemporary Mixed Media Artist and Surface Pattern Designer living in the beautiful rural countryside of Leicestershire .


 She has a lifelong love affair with Arabic Calligraphy. Its various forms, geometric and decorative, always fascinated her. She first began learning calligraphy at the age of 15, whilst studying at an Islamic University in South Africa.  This was a brief period of exploration and a very simplistic introduction to this art form. Since then up until 2016, she had little opportunity to pursue this further, as she was busy raising her family, and caring for her child with special needs. It is only after bereavement, the loss of her sister, which led her to turn back to calligraphy, and art, in order to facilitate healing. She is a great advocate of using Art as Therapy, firmly believing the healing powers of creativity and faith.


 She continued and went on to study the principles behind traditional Islamic art, through short courses, online tutorials and learning calligraphy under a master.  She still studies at every chance she gets, whilst balancing motherhood and caring for her son.

"I found Healing through Art"

I paint Contemporary Islamic Art, based on principles of healing.  The loss of my younger sister left a deep chasm within me, which I could only overcome through my art. Art is a form of worship for me, a spiritual state where I can connect with the Divine.



I like to incorporate traditional forms and techniques, such as Arabic Calligraphy, Geometrical shapes and Biomorphic patterns within my work. Each piece is inspired by a Quranic verse, or teaching, which is put in a visual context to tell a story.  My preference is mixed media, particularly the use of natural objects within my work. I love to use wood, sand, shells, branches from trees and other elements within my paintings. I feel that they each have their story to tell, the happiness and sorrow also witnessed by them is symbolist to me of our own lives.