No idea is too crazy for me! I love to break boundaries, experiment and create something truly unique.  If this sounds like the type of artwork that you love, please get in touch by filling in the form on this link.


I specialise in large abstract canvas paintings and love working with lots of texture. I also take on work in alcohol inks, illumination and watercolours.

Time frame: 

The time taken to complete any commissioned work will vary, depending on the complexity of the composition and execution of the creative process. I will work closely with you and adhere to the time frame which we will mutually agree upon.


The cost of all artwork varies upon the time taken, complexity of design and materials used. I will provide you with an outline of the cost before embarking on any work. A deposit of 30% of the agreed price will be payable before I can begin working on your custom piece.


Once you purchase your custom artwork it remains your personal property. However the rights of reproduction and exhibition remain the property of the artist, unless agreed to otherwise.  If you would like to purchase a commercial licence, please discuss this with me so we can work it in the contract before the sale takes place