Why I like to work in collections

If you have followed my work for awhile, you will have noticed that I prefer working in batches, or collections. 
Each collection I create is focused on a shared inspiration, colour palette, and technique. 
Last year (2020)I released two collections:

* The Elements collection - this was inspired by the Earth, life, nature, and rejuvenation. It included the heavy use of natural objects, such as wood slices, seashells, sand and twigs. All except for one painting were SOLD OUT. I will be relaunching “Origin” as part of my Abstract Edit collection 

* The Huroof Series - This collection was released on Eid ul Adha last year, and was inspired by the hidden meanings behind each of the Arabic Letters. The paintings in this series featured a selected number of Huroof, each written in the thuluth script, and gilded with genuine 24k gold leaf. Many originals are still available for purchase. I also offer Limited Edition Prints of these paintings 

This year I’m so excited to announce that I will be releasing a collection of paintings called the Abstract Edit.  These will be a variety of sizes, and price points.

The theme is “Hope”. This body of work is inspired by the hardships endured during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It speaks of






It inspires hope and a feeling of gratitude. Behind each piece in inscribed a poem, or a Hadith, or verse, which inspired the particular painting. 

I truly hope that you all love this collection as much as I do. We are in desperate need of more beauty in the world, especially at this moment in time. 

The Abstract Edit will launch on 30 Jan 2021, and VIP members will get first choice. I'd be honoured if you would spread the word, with family and friends, and colleagues who may be interested in collecting meaningful original art for their home. Your support this past year has been incredible and I make dua that Allah grants you all special Barakah!

Have you signed up to the email list yet? I'd love to hear any feedback at all in the comments, constructive or otherwise. <3

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