Perforated Limited Edition Blessed Salawat Adults colouring book

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Suitable for both adults and older children.

Featuring 25 pages of Illustrations inspired by Islamic Art from Architecture and Manuscripts. 20 different durood within ornamental designs, make for a great educational, islamic and relaxing activity. 5 Bonus pages contain calligraphies of Praise upon the Prophet Muhammad SAW

✨ Limited Edition of a 100 copies.  This book has perforated pages, enabling you to tear them out and frame them
✨ Printed on heavyweight paper stock. It is suitable for watercolours, gouache sand acrylic. If you’re daring, perhaps you can also use gold leaf
✨ Each salawat is from an authentic source and each illustrustion is drawn by me

A great way to engage in the metative prayer of Durood, whilst being creative.

The perforated edges enable you to remove the artwork for framing, once you've coloured it in.

Printed to high quality paper stock, suitable for light washes of watercolour, acrylics and gouache.

Ideal as a gift to your love ones this Eid.

Each book comes with a complementary A4 print