True Value Monochrome

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There is a Hadith of the Prophet (SAW) in which He is advising a man while saying: “Take advantage of five matters before five other matters:
• your youth, before you become old;
• and your health, before you fall sick;
• and your richness, before you become poor;
• and your free time before you become busy;
• and your life, before your death.” (Tirmidhi)
I have humbly tried to place these ten elements in a visual context, to help serve as a daily reminder. We live in such times, where the things that should matter most, aren’t prioritised. We’re constantly in a battle throughout our daily lives, that we seldomly pause, and appreciate the blessings that we do have. I hope this painting can help you to take advantage of these valuable 5 gems, before the advent of the latter 5.

Umar ibn Al-Khattab used to say: "Haasiboo anfusakum qabla an tuhaasaboo." "Take yourselves to account before you are taken to account." At the end of each day, take accounts