The Journey, 2019

The Journey, 2019 - Rashida Art

The Journey, 2019

The Original painting is SOLD and will not be recreated. Below is the inspiration behind it. It is unique and of my own design, as part of my "Holy Patterns" collection.  Canvas and Poster prints available to buy


The Persian arabesques and patterns on this painting were inspired from one of the domes of the shrine and mosque of Shaykh Abdul Qaadir Geylani (RA) in Baghdad. The traditional blue background symbolises the Infinite and Mercy of the Creator. It is also a visual analogy to the ocean, and flood, upon which the Prophet Noah (PBUH) embarked on. This supplication is part of what He called out, and the meaning of it is: “In the Name of Allah shall be its course and its mooring”
We are all absorbed in the “journey” that we call life. Our Prophet (PBUH) likened the time we spend in this world to the journey of a rider, who has stopped under a tree to take rest, and the gets up to leave.
Deeper analysis of this verse leads to realising that only through Allah’s guidance, can one be safe and rescued from the evils of the lower forces (nafs).