Praise through Poetry Painting kit

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This Sandala painting Kit has been designed in response to celebration of the Mawlid (Birth of the Prophet PBUH). The motifs are designed by me, printed onto watercolour paper, and are ready for you to start painting in immediately. 


The design aim to revere and respect the Blessed Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). By including a poem written by a famous companion Hassan bin Thabit (RA). I have included both the English and Arabic versions, to allow for all 3 designs to be displayed together. 

Kit includes:

✨ A handmade palette filled with my favourite gouache paints

✨ 2 synthetic paintbrushes

✨ 3 Nalayn and poetry designs printed onto A4 watercolour paper, ready to be painted immediately

✨ A sheet of A4 watercolour paper to practice swatches