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Size; 100 x 100 cm

 Inhale, take it in, breathe, relax, expand your inner, the unseen, the baatin, within you, shaping you. Waiting to be discovered.

Inspired by the Breath of the compassionate pattern, Arabic name is “Nafas-ur-Rahman”. This pattern is widely connected to the Sufi mystic Ibn-al Arabi.

It’s a visual representation of the contraction and expansion of infinite goodness. I have written the 99 names and attributes of Allah (SWT) within the painting, they are hidden within the layers, a symbolism of Al-Baatin, the Hidden Deconstructed elements from the Islamic pattern connected to Ibn al Arabi: Breath of the Compassionate

The ebb and flow within this pattern signify two opposites; inhale and exhale, zaahir and baatin, outer and the inner, yin and yang.

My interpretation of this pattern is to celebrate the two opposites, and I’ve chosen to title this as “Inhale”, after experiencing the chaos created by the current world situation.


Edges painted black

Comes with signed Certificate of Authenticity