"Haa", a 24k gilded Arabic letter, A3

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Part of an elegant series exploring the hidden interpretations behind the beautiful Arabic letters. Intrigued and awe-inspired by the Arabic Alphabet, I feel honoured to share these Illuminated letters with you all. They are gilded using genuine 24k gold, on A3 handmade khaadi paper

The paintings have beautiful deckled edges which add to their traditional charm. Entwined around the letters are Ottoman florals, painted using handmade pigments from India, and high quality watercolour paints.

Painting comes unframed


The sixth letter in the Arab alphabet represents number eight and belongs to the element of earth.

This letter, which symbolizes human intuition, has an esoteric meaning for the Sufis, as it is the first letter of the verb habba (to love): “Inna Allah jameel yuhibbu al-jamaal”, which means “truly God is beautiful and loves beauty”. Thus also the saying: “Habba man habba wakariha man kariha” or “He loves whomsoever He chooses to and He hates whomsoever He wishes to”. The letter ‘ha’ denotes the Essence in terms of appearance, presence and existence.

Shaykh ad-Dabbaagh informs us that the ‘ha’ corresponds to perfect mercy, which is a part of prophecy.