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Original mixed media painting with the use of wood slices and gold leaf for texture and dimension. Text reads, “La in Shakartum La azidannakum, wa la in kafartum, in a adhaabi lashadeed”

If you are grateful then I will increase (the blessings upon) you ✨✨✨
They say you only value a thing when it’s taken away. 2020 and the pandemic proved that point for us. Losing loved ones, not being able to meet family, distancing from important people, and the inability to do all the things we love, despite having the means.

I was listening to a lecture by @noumanalikhanofficial : “Allah says Himself, “When your Master declared that even if you are the least bit grateful…” “La’in shakartum…” Allah is saying even if you show a little bit of gratitude… He’s not asking for a lot. “La’azidannakum.” He then says, “I will increase you, increase you, and increase you. I swear to it.” The strongest language possible is used. If you could show the least bit of gratitude.”

“The question is grateful to who? You would think grateful to Allah, but Allah didn’t mention Himself. So it could be grateful to Allah, grateful to your parents, grateful to your teachers, grateful for your health, grateful to friends. Grateful to anyone who’s done anything for you. Grateful to your employer for giving you a job. Appreciative. Grateful is not just an act of saying Alhamdulilah. Grateful is an attitude, it’s a lifestyle, it’s a way of thinking. You’re constantly grateful.”

“But if you could show that attitude in even the least bit, what does Allah say? “La’azidannakum.” “I swear to it, I will increase you. There’s no doubt about it. I swear to it, I will increase you.” Allah doesn’t use “I” normally in Qur’an. He usually uses “We.” It’s only in the most intense cases in the Qur’an that Allah uses “I.” He used “I” here.”
The emphasis with which Allah says He will increase, is the most emphatic form used in Arabic grammar. I remember in Madressa learning that it means “I will most certainly”. And indeed Allahs promise is ever true.