Beautiful Patience

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A budget friendly A4 sized print of my original painting Beautiful Patience


Inspired by the trials of Prophet Yusuf (AS). Thrown in a well, sold as a slave, wrongly imprisoned, yet His is called “Ahsan-al Qasas” meaning the best of stories.
See the 11 wood slices and pair of black diamonds? They symbolise the dream in which Hazrat Yusuf (AS) saw 11 stars, the sun and the moon, all falling in prostration to Him.
Swipe to see more close ups. Arabic text says “Fa sabrun jameel” - the phrase repeatedly said by His father Yaqub (AS). The story goes onto say Yaqub (AS) lost His eyesight, out of the sheer grief over the loss of Yusuf (AS)
This painting is my humble attempt to illustrate this most Beautiful story. It resonates even more with me, as I grieve my own challenges with Ahmad.
The drips represent The millions of tears He must have shed and sorrow which had enveloped His heart
The gold leaf symbolises the reward of staying steadfast, of having Patience and of trusting Allah’s plan