Alif-Waw Symbol

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The Alif and Waw, when written together. 

A symbol often seen in Sufi literature and traditional art.

I had been requested recently to shed some light on the spiritual meaning behind the combination of these two letters. . Disclaimer: I am not a scholar, nor am I well versed in Sufism, I’m just curious, intrigued and feel highly connected to learning the meanings behind the beautiful letters in the Arabic alphabet .

That being said, I’ve done some research and a couple of interpretations have come to light. Here they are below:

✨ It is the name of Allah and 'hu'. It symbolizes that Allah is everything, the only existence, and the rest is created and sustained by him. We say Allah on the in breath and 'huuuu' on the out breath.

✨The Alif represents man standing upright in his religion, the Waw represents his willingness to prostrate to God

✨ The authority of Alif is the authority of the union. The name Allah and the adjective “Kayyum” (trustee) belongs to it. Alif is the point of the circle and the circumference of it. It is the simple and compound of the realms. It’s number is 1.

✨ Waw is from the realms of Kingdom and Deep Sorrow. The exit place is between the two lips. Its nature is heat and moisture and its element is air. Its numerical value is 6

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