Preview Collection

The Huroof Series

Release 31 July, 2020 

Thank you so much for following my progress through this collection. It is a series very close to my heart, and I hope that it helps inspire you all too!
I have had the most amazing time researching the spiritual and esoteric meanings of these letters, and have learnt some astounding interpretations, filling me with even more awe and appreciation of these profound letters. 
I hope to reignite a love for each individual letter, and to nurture a connection which draws us closer to the very basis of the Arabic language.

What to Expect:

12 - 14 painitings

Arabic letters gilded using genuine 24k transfer gold

A3 handmade khaadi paper

All paintings will come unframed, allowing you to frame them as you wish

All paintings come with a signed certificate of Authenticity

All letters come with a card describing some of its spiritual secrets

All paintings will have a unique wax seal


I will release the collection at exactly 11 AM BST and the release will land directly in your inbox. Remember, members get early access, so join the VIP club now if you haven't already.

Members will be provided with a password, with which they will be able to access the portal to preview and purchase the painting of your choice.

I'm so so excited to share them all with you.

Here is a preview of one of the huroof cards

Illuminated Huroof in this series:

Aleph, Haa, Daal, Raa, Seen, Saad, Ayn, Kaaf, Laam, Meem, Waw, Haa

Price per painting: £195 - £295 (free worldwide shipping)

Members will get first dibs through early access before the collection drops on 31 July 2020

I can’t wait for you to see them all and for them to bring joy and peace to you !

See you on the other side of the launch InShaaAllah xox