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Words Unknown Print

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This is a print of my original painting "Words Unknown (2109)" . The original painting is SOLD and will not be recreated. 

Prints are available in 3 different sizes:

Small: 11 x 13 inches

Medium: 18 x 21 inches

Large: 24 x 29 inches

Choose from a MATT or SATIN finish.

Inspiration behind this piece:

This is the first piece from my new series “Faith in Indigo”. This series is inspired by the famous 9th century magnificent manuscript, the Blue Quran. Opinions differ as to whether it was from the Fatimid or Abbasid dynasty. Nevertheless it has inspired this collection, with its indigo and blue hues, and gold eastern Kufic script! 

This painting contains the holy verses known as the Huroof-e-Muqatta’at or the Disjointed Letters. The true meaning of these words is hidden, known only by Allah (SWT) and His Prophet (SAW). To recite them is a source of reward and blessings and Allah knows best!

Shipped in a hard backed envelope, or postal tube.